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Pamper My Business (Free & Start Here)

Easily Learn How To Brand Your Business Online Using WordPress and Social Media!

When you choose to get started with Pamper My Business (PMB) Essentials, you are taking one small step for you and a giant leap for your business! Our elite training and coaching provide you with the assurance that you are not alone as you build your business brand identity online.

You receive access to business tools that will help you assess your online business brand to see if you have everything in place. Also, you get access to videos that can help you learn more about WordPress. Yes, you even have access to a training video that introduces you to WordPress..

What special about this business training?

Do you remember the movie BIG that starred Tom Hanks? Think about the scene where he played the big piano in the toy store. He started playing it all by himself. Then he was joined by Robert Loggia who helped him play a couple of songs on the piano as a duet. Looks like they had fun!

Remember, we are right here for you! The focus of PMB Essential is to help you begin gaining the freedom to easily brand your business online using WordPress and social media! 🎯

By choosing to sign up for this free course, you will gain FREE access to the following PMB solutions:

  • Podcast audios and videos
  • Presentations that are downloadable
  • Checklist and Cheatsheet to help you with your learning journey 

You will also be introduced to our WordPress training.

Our more advanced training that includes Gutenberg for WordPress is included in our PMB Masterclass. The PMB Masterclass is the next level of training available for you.

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Pamper My Business Masterclass ($97)

Many business owners struggle with building their business identity online and look for online business courses to solve this issue.

We have a process that helps you clarify your business identity online. This will allow you to brand your business so that you can be seen online and sell to your target customers online.

This process is called the Pamper My Business (PMB) Masterclass.

Our focus, in the Masterclass, is to provide you with supportive coaching and training so that you can gain the freedom to easily build your business brand and identity online.

The PMB Masterclass includes the following:

  • PMB Masterclass online training that helps you clarify your business market, identify how to sell to your target customers, and how to brand your business online
  • New WordPress video course that includes Gutenberg training
  • Built-in Community Chat where you can connect with others and also get your questions answered
  • Downloadable PDFs that will contain step-by-step instructions and checklists

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Pamper My Business Strategy Session ($247)

Are you stuck trying to get your WordPress website set up? Have you run into a roadblock while designing your WordPress website? Do you want to learn some tips, tricks, and techniques that can help you better manage your WordPress website?

Then you would love what you get when you choose the Private Strategy Session. The meeting will last for 90 minutes and you will receive the following:

  • 90 minutes for the 1:1 strategy session about your WordPress needs
  • Assessment of your WordPress website issues
  • Q&A regarding your WordPress Website Care
  • Recorded sessions so that you will have it to refer back to
  • Outline of things for you to do on your website (goal setting)

Are you ready to get unstuck, teardown roadblocks, and learn some tips, tricks, and techniques about WordPress? Then click on the button or click here to get started.

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